Add win XP support

I was trying a demo of the final version of windows xp at a store. and when i asked to try quake3 on the OS i noticed it did not have OpenGL. Ive asked other people and it seems Xp Pro does not have OpenGL. Can you make a patch for this or something?

It works the other way around. Windows support OpenGL, not “OpenGL supports Windows”. This is a big difference, since that makes Microsoft responsible for providing you with a working implementation of OpenGL.

We’re using Windows 2000 Professional Edition here for about a year and our engine runs over OpenGL without a glitch.

Hmmm I was just looking at the latest Platform SDK from Microsoft and it includes OpenGL samples, opengl32.dll and opengl32.lib… I think that it is supported under XP… Also I am running RC2 of XP and it seems to work fine, albeit surely these libs and dll’s are only OpenGL 1.1

I have problems running games in opengl mode under XP, I have an voodoo 3 3000

Anybody here knows what I have to do to run games like Counter Strike under XP with a voodoo 3 3000?¿?

You do at least need XP compatible drivers. I don’t know if such drivers will ever appear for V3 since 3dfx is gone.

how bout tnt2?

Originally posted by someone:
how bout tnt2?

hmm ehhh might go and check the NVIDIDA homepage…

The latest detonator XP support TNT-cards to.