Add POINT and RECT functionality to GLM


Do you plan to add routines to work with point and rect structures in additional to vector and matrices? It useful for 2D graphics (and 3D too).

there is some functions with points:

  • set, operators, compare, offset

there is some functions with rects:

  • set, operators, compare, normalize, offset, inflate, scale, join, intersect, clamp, contains, square e.t.c.

Best regards.

You might want to contact the GLM developers with your issue. The people who run this forum are not the people who develop GLM and neither is this a forum dedicated to the development of GLM.

The GLM website is over here.

Since GLM is a free software project, there is nothing stopping you from developing and integrating those structures into GLM yourself if you need them so badly, and send the developers of GLM a patch which might get you closer to your goal of point and rect structures being included in GLM.