Actual productivity

At first sorry for this post. I’m not a programmer but a designer.
I need guidance only a programmer can give me.

what is the acual productivity of handheld decvices wich use openGL ES.
I don’t need characteristics I need how many polygon must be a model to be displayed in actual real time on set of devices.
In one word, does someone of you have a link to tests, technical specification or restrictions to see how some media can be created for a portable device aniway?
or some way to calculate it myself?
Thank you

I think most upcoming products provide fill-rates & triangle rates. I’d just go back in desktop history and see what kind of models where used back then. A main issue on handheld devices is bandwidth and memory, so I could imagine that you’ll need to spend time on coming up with good low-res textures.

Anyway, I have only limited experience with modeling.

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