Accum. Buffer Extension

As we all know, the accumulation buffer can be prohibitively slow. If the purpose is to do full-screen antialaising alone, then it suffices (albeit slowly, but there really is no other way). Also, with all the new hardware, hardware antialiasing is becoming commonplace. The function I would Like to add would be slightly costly in the V-RAM area (not really a problem on these new boards), but would pay off it’s weight in gold in performance. My idea, is to have an array of Accum buffers (variable number), where OpenGL stores a sequence of Accum buffer contents, which every frame, it combines into one. This is what it does, sort of now, except that with this model, you could toss in one more, toss out the oldest one, and you would get very fast motion blur effects.

Was that confusing? It’s late.


Maybe it’s just me, but yes I think you’re a bi confusing.
Let me write what I understood.

You would like to have multiple accumulation buffers, but you assume it is already possible with the current GL specifications.
And you would like to add a “feature” that copies a whole buffer into another buffer.

Is that right ?