About Vincent...connot execute the program

I have installed (1)Embedded VC++ 4.0 (2)Embedded VC++ 4.0 sp3 (3)Pocket pc 2003 SDK. And I followed the steps to do such settings[Developers Guide].I tried running the aargb.vcw project for (Active WCE Configuration)pocket pc 2003, (Active Configuration)Win32[WCE emulator]Debug and (Default Device)POCKET PC 2003 Emulator.I can compile it ,0 error 7 warnings.But when I click run, there is a error message box “Cannot execute the program”. Could anyone tell me why and how to fix it ? Thanks.

Have you copied the Vincent DLL onto the device? You can either use the copy tool built into VC++, or you can drill down into the file system using the Windows Explorer window.

Hope that helps.

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