About physical simulation

I want to simulate the space-time curvature through the field equation of General Relativity on GPU.Who have the good idea or related presentation for me?

For 2d curvature :
-render scene to texture 1
-precompute displacement texture 2
-draw textured quad, with a custom fragment shader to sample the texture 1 accroding to displacement in texture 2

If your distorion computation are fast enough, you may do it directly in the shader, instead of using texture 2.

Edit: In fact after re-reading your post, you seem to want to do the field computation on the video card.
In the case, this is more of a GPGPU problem : http://www.gpgpu.org/cgi-bin/blosxom.cgi/Scientific%20Computing/index.html
Nvidai and ATI have special APIs (CUDA and CTM i think) to deal with such computation. It would be more suited than a graphic API such as OpenGL :slight_smile:

Yes,I want to compute space-time field through this equation: