about opengl...

greeting to all (i’m new to this forum),

i’m new to opengl and would like to ask a few
simple question.

what is the latest version of opengl? and why
are there soo many type of GL such as nVidia
for opengl, and i’ve heard of Geoforece, why
soo many? which one is the standard?

by the way, which opengl should i go for?

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OpenGL is a graphics API. Applications use OpenGL, video cards themselves do no use OpenGL. To be precise, applications can use OpenGL, which in turn uses the video card’s driver, which in turn uses the video card. So when you program with OpenGL, you program with respect to the OpenGL version not with respect to the video card.In fact from the way you phrase your question, it doesn’t sound like you are interested in programming, but rather about learning about the latest video cards that are OpenGL compatible. But if I’m misreading your post, I’ll go ahead and say, the latest version of OpenGL is 1.2, but Window’s only directly supports version 1.1. The 1.2 features are accessible through explicit dynamic linking however if they are available in the implementation.