About MarchingCubes

I use OpenGL to design my MarchingCubes Arithmetic,how can I get the data resource(such as 646464 pixel),or which sites can I get such information?

Some 3D datasets :

I can’t open these files. Please help me.
Incidentally, how can I use .raw file in VC++.

First uncompress them (gz is pretty standard format).
Then for the RAW means ‘basic data, no format’ so you have to guess :slight_smile:

My guess is that it is continous stream of single bytes, values in [0-255] range.

Example for the “Hydrogen Atom” : it says 128128128, and that makes 2097152 values, exactly the size in byte of the file !

so you have 128 values for the first line, first column, then again 128 value for second line, first column, etc etc…

You should be able to load that :stuck_out_tongue: , but maybe still need some tries to get the axes order right.

I use rar to decompress these files, but it can’t decompress them, it says:" The archive is either unknown format or damaged." How can I do? :frowning:


I can’t open them by using 7-zip,either. Thank you for help very much. :slight_smile:

gz is a gzip format… go to www.gzip.org.

the file is undoubtly corrupt. redownload