about fish

Hi, experts:

I am trying to animiate one fish, but I have no idea about drawing the fish, could you please give me some hints and suggestion. Appreciate you at first!

3 triangles looks like a fish: <><


Put 3 bones here:


and wiggle them back and forth.

Good low-poly fish.


Nice ascii fish, maybe you could make an SMS animation out of it

Some people animate fish by displacing the vertice along a sine wave. Depending on the fish, displace either x or y coordinates, assuming your fish is looking in the direction of the z-axis.

Usually normal fish move their bodies from side to side, in which case you displace the x coordinates, and mammals like dolphins wiggle up and down, so for them displace the y coordinates.


OR you could have:

/ |/
\ |\


  1. Scan a photo or an illustration.
  2. Paste it to PainShop or such.
  3. Make a new layer
  4. Draw contour and then tesselate it.
  5. Read vertice’s Xs & Ys,make yourself Zs since you know Z==0 at a contour and is maximum in center.

damn, you got me…