About Chinese characters

I want to know if I can put Chinese characters in my OpenGL programs?And how to do it?

like you would do for other textoutput, if you want to have 3d-fonts you should have a true type font of the wanted charset, then do something like(my temp font class in c++…):

class FONT3D{
DWORD nFontList;
HFONT hFont;
LOGFONT logfont;

	logfont.lfHeight		= -10;
	logfont.lfWeight		= 0;
	logfont.lfEscapement	= 0;
	logfont.lfOrientation	= 0;
	logfont.lfWeight		= FW_BOLD;
	logfont.lfItalic		= FALSE;
	logfont.lfUnderline		= FALSE;
	logfont.lfStrikeOut		= FALSE;
	logfont.lfCharSet		= ANSI_CHARSET;
	logfont.lfOutPrecision	= OUT_DEFAULT_PRECIS;
	logfont.lfClipPrecision	= CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS;
	logfont.lfQuality		= DEFAULT_QUALITY;
	logfont.lfPitchAndFamily= DEFAULT_PITCH;
	strcpy(logfont.lfFaceName, "ARIAL");//Here is the font to use  [img]http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/smile.gif[/img]

	hFont = CreateFontIndirect(&logfont);
	SelectObject(hDC, hFont);

	nFontList = glGenLists(128);
	wglUseFontOutlines(hDC, 0, 128, nFontList, 0.0f, 0.1f, WGL_FONT_POLYGONS, agmf);

	glDeleteLists(nFontList, 128);//Font

inline void Draw(const char *txt, const long size){
	glCallLists( size, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, txt);


or if you want to use 2d fonts, you have to gen some image (via photoshop, not paint or paintshop ),load em as texture and then draw quads textured with the right coords…

But Chinese are not the same as English which all are made up of 26 characters.
The number of Chinese characters often used
is 3000~5000.And they are entirely different.
So I can’t use a image as a texture to utput Chinese.
But thanks again.I will try more.

i have the same question as u ,can u give some help,thank u very much
btw,i use the wglUseFontOutlines(…),i think there must have some methords