A TRUE Beginer

Whell, I know VB VERY whell, and am struggling to learn C++. I figure, learn C before I try to learn OpenGL’s api, using c++ code. I would realy like to beable to write some OpenGL apps in Visual Basic until i know c++.

If anyone could point me to some online tutorials, for very basic OGL stuff, done in vb, i would be very thankfull.

(I know VB inside Out, its just the api i need to learn)

go to http://nehe.gamedev.net
all the tuttorials are in c/c++ but almost all of the tuts have been ported to vb. you can download the vb versions.

ahh, thanks, i was at his site a long time ago, i guess that was before the vb ports came out

For what it’s worth:
I am doing some development with OpenGL, C and VB. I use C and OpenGL for rendering and VB for the GUI. The C and OpenGL are implemented in a .dll. I make calls to the .dll from VB (pass the window handle when needed). I’m more familiar with C than C++.