A simple/basic OpenGL / GLFW game to start with?


I am a beginner and like to find a basic and yet full example of a game (2D or 3D) developed using GLFW and modern OpenGL (Shader) with full source code. May someone help me? I find it’s always easier to read, understand and then modify to learn how to develop a game.

I have been googling a very long time, but no success, as those examples I found are either for old/dated OpenGL (Fixed) or rendering only (no interaction with mouse / keyboard control)…

thanks a lot,


Generally speaking, most people making a “basic” game do not bother directly using OpenGL directly. They simply don’t need to, with so many abstraction layers built on top of it. And those who do need that level of control tend to be making something that isn’t “basic”.

More importantly, if you want to learn how to make a game, you shouldn’t care whether it uses OpenGL directly or not. The stuff you need to learn deals primarily with things related to game state, UIs, physics and collision, frame timings, networking (where needed), and so forth. You can learn graphics completely separately from games, and simply apply that logic to what you know of game development.