A real beginner here ..

Hey I’m real a beginner here and I want to learn to program with openGL and I’m not sure I can even start programming with it.
I study java for 2 years now in high-school and this is the stuff they taught us so far :
if else statements
-for, for each, do while and while loops

  • recursion
  • making methods
  • data structures like queue, stack, list, nodes, bin tree node, matrix, array etc …
  • creating classes and work with them (inherit classes, classes that implements interfaces, abstract classes)
    -also we kind of used the graphics classes that are build in java and we made some programs using them
    the hardest thing we have ever made so far is this : a program with 2 buttons 1 creates a random shape (triangle, circle, rectangle) with a random colour and a random size and the other delete the last made shape (undo button)

I know thats not much but thats what my school taught us in 2 years but I also learn’d by my self about the try and catch “loop” (not mastering it or anything just recently started learning about it).
Do you think I can start learning openGL ? I use java so I’ll probably use lwjgl + openGL.
Or should I drop it because someone like me doesn’t have a chance learning openGL because of my “wide” experience…
I tried to read guides and looked at videos on youtube and I saw for example someone on youtube using glMatrixMode() method and I had no idea what this method does so I googled it and still had no clue what it does even after reading the javacode here : www.opengl.org/sdk/docs/man2/xhtml/glMatrixMode.xml (remove s).
so what should I do ?
Also I saw someone’s posted this book on the forums maybe this book could help a beginner like me learn openGL or its even to advanced for me ? ww
csynthesis.org/gltut/ (remove *s).

Well, I would suggest, if you really want help getting started, that you not make posts in bold and italics and red text. That’s making your post very hard to read.

I thought it will make it easy to read since it helps me to read o-o
but i’ll change it and can you tell me what you think ?

Follow one of the tutorials on the wiki (most of these are probably using C/C++) or try one specifically for lwjgl - I don’t know the tutorials, so can not say anything about their difficulty level or quality.
Beyond that it will be very useful (one could say necessary) to have some understanding of linear algebra, at least in the sense of knowing how calculations with vectors and matrices work.