A new, minimal GLU / GLUT library for OpenGL 3.x

Hello all,

I am planning to specify and develop a new, minimal utility library (the “best” from GLU and GLUT) for OpenGL 3.x using a forward(!) compatible context. There is a need of such a library, because of the forward compatible context some functions in GLU and GLUT do not work anymore (e.g. using deprecated functions).

I am looking for people to help me specifying and developing this new library (especially Linux and Apple developers).

If you want to help or have any suggestions, please email me:
norbert [at] nopper [dot] tv

Cheers Norbert

FreeGLUT and GLFW already has 3.x forward compatible context support.
And for math functions you can take any generic math library. I’m using CML. Eigen2 also is nice option.

Do these libraries only define the forward compatible OpenGL functions? I would like to have a library to get rid off the deprecated functions and only include gl3.h. Do these libraries only include gl3.h and not gl.h anymore?
Also, as I have to pass the vertices etc. to my shader, I would like to see a function which is generating the data for a cube, sphere or a teapot. As far as I know it is not possible to pass a shader to GLUT, or is that possible? These shapes are still rendered with deprecated functions or aren’t they?

See, I would like to have one small library for doing rapid prototyping like it is possible with GLUT and GLU now. More people do have more greater ideas.

Are there still some donators who want to join? :smiley: