A little help please

:confused: Hey guys!

It’s my first time here. And maybe this isn’t the most appropriate place to bring this to. Need to figure out how to convert an stl to a workable obj…maybe collada but not sure. The stl is a dress that I’m using for a 3D character. I had to go to 3DP Rocks and upload a jpg of the dress and turn it into an stl. Btw. Blender wouldn’t upload anything and anything uploaded to Maya is turned into a “brick”. Also. Even if I save this as an obj with Meshlab the character creator that I am using {in this case Mixamo Fuse} doesn’t recognize it. Using Accutrans too. Any ideas?? Btw. I’m on a very low budget. So either good freeware or something good and inexpensive would really do the trick! Another thing. Any way to find a DXF to Collada converter???

Get back to me on this please,
Thanks so much!

PS: Sorry for the color change. Sight impaired. Thanks. :confused:

… anything uploaded to Maya is turned into a “brick”.
Not sure what you mean by ‘brick’? If Maya can’t do it there’s probably something wrong with the .stl file. I convert .stl into .obj frequently using Lightwave and/or modo. If you’d like me to try it for you, send me a private message.