a couple of questions please

I use lib3ds to load 3ds model files. If anyone can help

  1. how can i apply transparecy to textures, to look like glass (ie airplane cockpit), these are setup in 3dsmax, but opaque when rendered in my viewer

  2. as above but with bump mapping to create rasied or lowered grooves/lines etc

  3. decal/alpha channel effects etc

any help appreciated

you would need to implement such material effects yourself, and then use them on the given model

like enabling blending and having certain alpha values for the transparent vertices

to do decals you could use multitexturing and set textures to texenvf(gl_decal) and so on

this isnt really a quickfix but requires quite some work to do on creating such surface effects

no clue what that lib does but normally it just gives your information about how things are set up in the model, you will need to code yourself all those things that it should do with the given information