A bit of topic: cubemaps?

Where can I find cubemaps? My application works fine but I don’t have the talent to do cubemaps… Is there a site or program that where I can find or built my cubemaps?


Nvidia OpenGL SDK has some in the data directory, which you could use for demos/testing. Or are you wanting to create your own.

Not really that hard, all you have to remember is to render your cube maps with 90 degree FOV’s. We use Bryce for the game I’m working on at the mo. Though any scene renderer program will work. All that is required, is orienting the camera in 6 directions, and rendering with 90 degre fovs.


Search this forum archive for “skybox”, as it had a good discussion of tools and methods for generating similar textures. My favourite method (because it’s free and has good procedural texture control) is POV-Ray.

r u talking about generating the textures if its landscape u want try terragen very very
easy to generate a skybox from it

Skybox, cubemap. Same thing really init?