a "ARB"-provided feature like GL_NV_vertex_array ??

Is there a chance to load my data on the gfxhardware, what could be done with GL_NV_vertex_array… for example ?
(is my interpretation correct? i think it is loaded with GL_NV_vertex_array onto the gfxhardware, or not ?)

Is there something similar provided by the ARB, a extension ?

On some pages i’ve read about a topic “GL_ARB_vertex…object” ??

Has anyone a solution ?

Yep, it exists, but I guess it hasn’t yet been finalized and thus is only available to developers, in its current form. I can’t wait. . . I’m not sure whose implementation (ATI’s, NVidia’s, other) it’s based on, though.

NVIDIA extension is called NV_vertex_array_range, ATI equivalent is called ATI_vertex_array_object and their famous acronyms are VAR and VAO, respectively.

The ARB is currently writing an ARB_vertex_buffer_object extension which will be published in the near future. According to NVIDIA posts in this forum, it will be closer to VAO (from ATI) than VAR (from NV).

According to Carmacks .plan file, the ARB extension has just been completed and accepted. Now we just have to wait for the spec to appear in the extension registry and drivers with support.


great ! Now it seems that it could become a nice time developing on OpenGL based hardware…