64bit windows with revamped GL?

I recently read this on gamasutra:

From http://www.gamasutra.com/features/20040603/pournelle_01.shtml
OpenGL is now a grudgingly accepted citizen. Since late in the NT 4.0 era, Microsoft hasn’t wanted to support OpenGL, preferring to evangelize DirectX as the One True Way to display 3D. Between the graphics chip vendors doing their own OpenGL drivers, and the big CAD companies continuing to require it, Microsoft has put OpenGL support back into the operating system, so you can rely on it being there.
Can someone tell me if I understood it correctly? Does it really means an updated library?
Woow… I’m so excited about it!

EDIT: looks like I’m not able to use UBB code. D’oh!

This stuff is being discussed here


Whoops, sorry. I has been away from the forums a while.

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