4496 and glCopyTexSubImage2D


Has anyone noticed that under 4496, using glCopyTexSubImage2D from the back buffer results in a corrupt texture a lot of the time.

This happens in our application, and we are therefore still using 4363…

Is this known and will be fixed in the next release, or are we the only ones to experience this on the current drivers?

  • Torgeir

Are you absolutley sure that the window is big enough and on top?

Well, I’m using a window of 720x576, and yes, I am sure it is on top and not partially obscured
by any windows.

The texture is almost correct, but seems to be offset a bit, or clamped to the nearest multiple of 16 pixels (or something like that)
of the screen.

So if I move my window around a bit, I am able to find a position where the read is actually correct, but in the general case it is incorrect.

I am using GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_NV with textures of 720x576, and this is only a problem with the latest drivers, 4496, and not in previous drivers.

  • Torgeir

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