44.03 VBO issues with large buffers?

My app is dying whenever the data specified by glBindBufferARB nears 30 MB. This is merely raw vertex and normal data, with no indices used.

Vanilla vertex arrays work fine, and so does VBO up until the 30 MB mark.

This is on a GeForce4 Ti 4200, 44.03 drivers. P4 2.8, Windows 2000 SP4, and 1GB of RAM.

Has anyone seen this before?

Try newer drivers, the 44.03 drivers are very buggy.

Forgive my ignorance Nutty, but since 44.03 is the latest version on the website, what version # should I be using?


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Probably one of the “leaked” beta drivers.

As I am not a NVidia user, I can’t recommend any particular version. . .

The newerst ones I’ve seen are 45.23. Apparently some official new drivers are due this week sometime…

Originally posted by Ostsol:
Depends on the video card and the amount of video RAM. ATI cards with 128 MB of video RAM are limited by the drivers to a maximum of 32 MB per vertex buffer.

This is propably for nvidia cards as well. In fact I had this problem too.

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