3DSMAX - problem

3DS has feature called MAXScript.

Anybody knows how efficient is maxscript? For ex. I have a model of 2 rooms and want to do some animation.
the user should be able to go through the rooms & inspect some areas. Is it possible to use arrow keys in MAXScript? I couldn’t find these infos in Max documentation

Yes it is possible to do what you are suggesting, however, MAX is not designed to give you interactive walk-throughs etc. It would be possible to do this by writing a plug-in and Max Script will allow you to move the camera around but doing both from Script is, I think, not possible.

Thanks robbo

  1. plugin has to be written in VC++? I think i have seen special functions and classes defined in 3DS documentation? Do I have to use that or can I use the normal C & C++ functions?

thanks again

You really need the MAX SDK to do this. My first port of call would be google', to see if someone has already built a plug-in to do this kind of thing. My guess would be that they have, because everyone writing a graphics engine (who doesn't have atools’ programmer sitting to his left) has needed to `test’ out a 3d model or two.

There is a newsgroup, comp.graphics.packages.3dstudio (I think!), which will be able to help you far more than I!