3ds to Ascii

Does anybody know if there is a converter available or can be created to convert a 3DS Max file in to an ascii file in a particular format.


A rectangular face with the following vertice format starting from the top left going counterclockwise.


Thanks for any help or info.

too late! there already is a 3DS text format. look up on ASC files. check wotsit


Appreciate your help!

But which if any of the files on that site will create the out in the format I described above.

Again, any help or suggestions appreciated.

none …

All faces in 3Dmax are made out of Triangles !!! why would you want 4-vert faces anyway ?

That is the problem - need rectangles and only where it can’t be avoided, triangles.

To apply a bitmap to a triangle is not a good option, although doable - but the result is less than pleasing, since it will get distorted.


well, Meshes are ONLY made from triangles … You have no choice …