3DS/MAX Key Frame Animation In OpenGL

Hello guys,
I want to do the following:

  • Import .MAX/.3DS file along with all its animation details
  • To play certain frames on some keyboard/mouse event. For eg. if I press ‘J’ the 3D model should play jump animation which can be from frame 25-50!
  • I am using OpenGL

I don’t know if it is done in similar way while creating event based game animations?

Please Guide me!

Best Regards!

google is your friend
there are lots og tutorials and freeware engines

.max isn’t really readable by other applications, and .3ds doesn’t have good animation support.

I would recommend using your own exporter (based on IGameExporter) to write the animation to disk, and read it back in. You can check out Cx for an example library that does the exporting and reading/writing (but not the rendering).

Other libraries to look at include Cal3D, Ogre3D and (for money) Granny.