3dfx to OpenGL texture conversion


I am not a developper and I can’t even program simple apps on my Mac. I would just like to know whether it is easy to convert 3dfx textures to OpenGL. For instance, games like Graphsim’s F/A-18 Hornet Korea support both Glide and OpenGL graphic acceleration and all textures in this game are supplied in duplicate : one file in .3df format and another in .img format for OpenGL.

I ask this because custom textures (found on the internet) are most often 3dfx only because they are designed by PC owners. Conversion must be possible (some people have done it for their own textures) but I wonder how. Is there a Macintosh application that is able to open .3df files and allows conversion to other image file formats ? In addition, although I have found OpenGL textures can be in .img (in Hornet Korea) or in .bmp (in X-plane) formats, which sound like common image file formats (at least on PC), I found no application able to open these files on a Mac (I use a G3 with OS8.6)

Can anyone provide any info on this ? Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure about the .3df files, but you can open the others using Graphic Converter (check www.macdownload.com to find it). Graphic Converter can open almost any image format.