3dfx crash

I can only initialize my 3dfx adapter with glu routines. I don’t want to use glu at all because it doesn’t seem too stable.

If I use my program it crash on the pc restart… whoops ! don’t want that.

how do I initialize the PFD ?

If you are using a Voodoo3 or later this should be no problem, however on Voodoo1 or Voodoo2 you need to do some extra work usually to get the system to load the 3Dfx OpenGL; 2 options come to mind:

  1. load the OpenGL dll manually and then you can find the 3Dfx OpenGL DLL by name and load it using LoadLibrary() (and all GL routines using GetProcAddress()) manually, or

  2. you can rename the 3Dfx OpenGL dll to “opengl32.dll” and stick that in the working directory of the executable you are loading.

I’ve done this already (put the opengl32 in same dir)

I can read EXTENSIONS of 3Dfx interactive etc… PFD

but when I want to create texture with glu it crashes… with nvopengl.dll it’s not a problem. Any clues ?

[ Maybe I should set the PFD right away in FS 1024x768 ?] I’ll try that

It crashes just there (-> ) :

glBindTexture glTexture2D, sObject.glTextureMode(2)
glTexParameteri glTexture2D, tpnTextureMagFilter, GL_LINEAR
glTexParameteri glTexture2D, tpnTextureMinFilter, GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST

-> gluBuild2DMipmaps glTexture2D, 3, bmInfo.biWidth, bmInfo.biHeight, tiBGRExt, _
GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, ByVal VarPtr(baImageData(0))

this GLU sub is getting on my nervs it is the 2nd time I have problem with it !!!

I read the Quake Source C++ and it seems that Carmack builds the mipmap directly from his own coding without glu2dbuild[…] must I do the same with voodoo1-2 adapters.

Damn I had to fall with this tricks

I know on the Voodoo 2 and Voodoo 1, I have never been able to use any glu functions, thanks to the MCD they use. I refrain from using any glu functions in my code because of this problem too. Maybe this is your problem, assuming you are using a Voodoo 2 or Voodoo 1.

Excuse me but this crashes and it’s not GLU routine !

glTexImage2D glTexture2D, 1, 3, bmInfo.biWidth, bmInfo.biHeight, 0, tiBGRExt, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, dObject(0)

If I change 3(InternalFormat) to another number it’s not the same modules error.
It changes from OPENGL32 to GLIDE2X

Maybe OpenGl.Org have got no replies for this type of question, but on 3dfx.com there is only SDKs about GLIDE3X I presume ???