3D/Volume texture problem

I’m having a hard time trying to get a volume texture onto a model and I can’t figure out why. Here’s some background info:

  • The volume texture is created with glTexImage3D(). I did a glGetTexImage() at the time of drawing just to verify if the image bits are correct and they seem to be.

  • The model data already contains texture coords for 2 textures. I’m using ARB vertex program to do the transform and also generate a 3rd texture coord for the volume texture.

  • GL_TEXTURE_3D enabled, STR set to repeat and texture bound (properly I hope).

When I render this model, the volume texture portion doesn’t appear (the other textures are fine). Then as a test, I did a passthru of the volume texture coords (GL_PASS_THROUGH_NV) and “colors” appeared, which to my understanding means that there are coordinate values for this texture channel at the verts!

So any idea why I’m just getting black? Any educated guesses for things to check? I’d settle for getting a wrong image right about now! :wink: