3D Viewer

I’m a complete novice and just stumbled onto this site. I’m trying to find an existing, off-the-shelf 3D viewer that will enable me to load my own 3D models and then deliver it to end users who will be able to manipulate (rotate, zoom, etc.) that object in real time. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Well you could write on pretty simply yourself. See nehes tutorials on OpenGL - they go through creating a model viewer. What format are you using?

If you just want the viewer then why not have a peek at one of the VRML viewers available.


Thanks for the reply dmf_king. Where do I find the Nehes tutorial? Not sure I know what you mean when you ask what format I’m using. Could you clarify?

Mikael, where might I find a VRML viewer?


you can check http://www.basegraph.com .
Carad will allow you to generate fully working Delphi, C or C++ source code out of scene - or save it as VRML world.

Google for CosmoPlayer or blaxxun contact for VRML plugins (you’ll also find links on basegraph).

If you stick to VRML try http://www.euclideanspace.com/ , I think mjbWorld also supports C++ export

Other solutions are found easily too, however, writing a 3D viewer yourself, could be good practice…