3d Triangulation

Hey guys,

first, my english skills are very low :slight_smile: pls dont flame about that ^^

I´m tryning to learn Opengl and i had already some success. I wrote a program that renders a Terrain :slight_smile:
Now i want to develope a program that renders an 3d Object of randomized points. The object should be the convex hull of the pointcloud.
I want to do that with a Triangulation alghorithm but i dont know where to start.
I need that for a project we have to develop during our study.
We want to display 3d corpses calculated from ct/mrt images

So if anybody can help me with some starting ideas or some nice tutorials i would be very thankful!

Try searching for “marching cubes” algorithm.

What do you mean by randomized? If it’s a CT/MRt, I wouldn’t consider that random. That’s a uniform grid. In that case, “marching cubes” would be appropriate. If it really is a non-uniform collection of points, try “Delauney triangulation”. Also, if you don’t want to do the conversion yourself, there’s a free program called meshlab that does these sort of conversions and is pretty easy to use.

Yeah the delauney triangulation i think is something that i looked for. Is there a good Tutorial you know?, i didnt find one that is not so complicated. But i think delauney is not that easy, but i want to do it myself so meshlab is not an option :smiley: