3d textures

Hi there.
I’m interested in volume rendering and 3d textures seem to be a good way to go. Does anyone know a good site with a tutorial or sample code for that?

I started with a 64x64x64 texture image and applied it as a 2d texture to a quad. the result is a flat quad textured with the top layer of my texture volume. hmmm …

Thanks for any hint,


3d textures doesnt automaticly renders as volumes, just like a 2d texture on a line doesnt become a quad on the screen.

the easiest way to render the 3d texture as a volume is by sliceing… that is, you have a couple ( the more the better quality) billboarded quads and with a small step in z between them, then assign texture coords to all quads (s,t same on all) with Q values between 0 (for the quad nearest) and 1 (for the quad furthest away) and enable som kind of blend… then you should have something like a volume.