3d texture

i want to ask about the theory of 3d texture!
anyone who do the 3d texture can give me some advice? could you give me your oicq or email address?
thank you very much!
my qq is 56439949

3D Texture in three dimension, x,y,z…

A 3D texture can be visualized as a stack od 2D textures. The third texture coordinate is an index into this stack. All the usual texturing operations, such as filtering, mipmapping and texture addressing are extended into this additional dimension.

3D textures are versatile. They be used to simulate movies or animated textures, where each animation keyframe is one element of the stack (thus, indexed by the third texture coordinate), while your 3D API of choice performs linear interpolation between individual keyframes. They can be used to perform volumetric lightmapping or to simulate volumetric materials.

Their greatest drawback is memory consumption.

For examples of 3D textures, download demos from here: