3d texture maps (linux, TNT2, X4.0, new drivers)


I’m working on a project for my masters degree. I need to do some
volume visualization of data, and the best way to do it is to use 3d textures.
First I tried the example program from the Red Book. It is VERY slow (maybe 1
frame every few seconds), although it seems to work. I also tried the siggraph '99
example - vol3dtex. It displays a skull … also very slow. The vol2dtex works
great, but of course this is not what I need to do. I guess I would assume that 3d
texturemaps are not supported by Nvidia on TNT2 under linux, except that I had
heard that Quake III uses 3d textures for lightmaps. I have quake III on this
machine, and it runs great (with lightmaps).
If anyone has any idea about what I (and these demos) may be doing wrong, or if
you need more info to help, please either respond here or email me at

Thanks in advance,

Wade Lutgen

The problem is that TNT2 doesn’t support 3d textures, only a few of todays cards do, so it falls back to software rendering.

And i don’t think Quake 3 uses 3d textures for lightmaps, i can’t figure out any reason why it should …

Could you mention any card that supports 3D textures? it would be nice to try out. PC-cards that is.

In my recently finished diploma/master thesis I implemented interactive and animated volume rendering, streaming data from disk (10-40 GB data-set), each volume 90x128x128 (8 or 16 bits). The volume rendering is based on 3D-textures and intersecting polygons, as you mentioned. Fortunately I was using an Onyx2 with InfiniteReality.
You could have a look at my master thesis at ftp://ftp.nsc.liu.se/pub/plg/vispic.ps.gz, there is also an animation volume-animation.mpg (60MB, 3 min 30 s).
This animation is just captured with a fixed camera angle, so it doesn’t do the work justice, IMO. It is interactive manipulation that is really nice.

/ Patric

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Well, i think the upcoming ATI Radeon is going to support 3d textures. I think that it’s only the professional cards that support 3d textures at this time.