3D Texture Mapping & Elsa Gloria II

Before I buy it…
Can anyone confirm that the Elsa Gloria II
supports the full OpenGL 1.2 standard, specifically 3D texture mapping (glTexImage3D) ? These would be specifically drivers for WinNT4/SP5.

Next, any word on a relase date & price for the Gloria III? Press releases indicate that it can push polygons around quite quickly.


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I am using WindowsNT 4.0 SP5, and Elsa/Glory II.
You are right, it can push polygons around VERY quickly…
BUT when it comes to read/write framebuffers… it SUCKS, really. It’s got the slowest read/write rates I’ve ever seen.
I returned to an old Wildcat Intense 3D, which gives me INSTANT access to color and depth buffers.
If you don’t care about that, the Elsa Glory II draws fairly quick, yeah.

On the other hand, I have not tested intensively (is that proper english?) the OpenGL capacities of that card, but I am using pretty abnormal texturing operations (like projected textures) and it works fine.

Hope I was usefull…


I am using an Elsa Gloria II on NT. I don’t think that it accelerates 3D texture maps (although I don’t know for sure because I use OpenGL v.1.1).

I was hoping to use 3D textures but was told that only a few consumer level cards support them
( http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/Forum2/HTML/001278.html ).

I don’t think the Elsa Gloria II supports 3D textures. If it did,wouldn’t it also support GL_EXT_texture3D (like the Radeon)?

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GeForce2 does not support hardware-accelerated 3D textures. The OpenGL driver does support version 1.2 which includes 3D textures as core functionality. This is done in software, though.

Thanks -

Let’s hope NV20 will do that in hardware !