3D Studio Max

Hello all,

I want to know where can I download 3D Studio Max, if it´s possible.




It retails for a price that, if I understand correctly, exceeds $1,000. I’m sure that there are places on the net where you can download it, but that’s piracy.

Wow!!, I agree, that’s plain piracy!
And as a developer, I hate that!!!

yeah…that prog costs around $2500.
Great piece of software, though.

What do you need it for? I hear Discreet is putting out 3d studio gMAX that will be free, although it’ll be crippled or something. It’s going to be aimed at tha gaming comunity, so if you need MAX for model creation/export, you might be in luck. Not sure of any stipulations, though. Check out their website. http://www2.discreet.com/games/gmax.html

If not, check out blender. It’s a free open source 3d package. http://www.blender3d.org/

Or Animation Master. A|M costs only a fraction of the bigger packages. http://www.hash.com/


my point is also that if someone like a young student would like to use a software like 3ds and cannot afford buying it, has no other chance than finding it “somewhere else”. Yes it is piracy, but big sw houses should find a way to make products cheaper at least for people that cant afford it or use it as a hobby (and they are many, believe me) !

IMO, if you “can’t” afford something, then you really don’t need it. Anything that is important enough for you to get, you should be willing to pay for. Saying that you can’t pay for something so you have no choice but to pirate it would be like me saying I don’t have enough money for a Ferrari, so I “have” to steal it. A bit less dramatic, not as fun , but basically the same thing.

And yes, I know college students have limited budgets. I am one too.


Tnks guys

you should really look into Animation Master.
its a really great piece of software, for a great price, easily affordable. My friend purchased it and has been thoroughly satisfied with it. Apparently it can do everything 3dStudio can do, plus export to the .3ds format. a great deal IMO

I can get a student version of 3D Studio Max here in Australia for AUS$270. I’m sure there are similar deals in the US and UK. Version is V3.1 for Win98/2000

It’s still not cheap, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.

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theres other cheaper modelling programs out there eg www.blender.nl (free)

>>And yes, I know college students have limited budgets. I am one too<<

not in the USA, i read in the paper the other day about some students going on strike cause they weren’t getting payed enuf. i had to laught they were earning more than anybody i know personally does here in nz

You can win the NVIDIA Shader Contest …

Ok, ok, I also don´t agree with piracy, but I don´t said that I want download a free version, but if I can download a temporary license to test the software, to see if this solve my problem…

And than deside what to do.

I’m realy sorry, if you don´t understood the meaning of my topic. Thanks for advance.


> my point is also that if someone like a
> young student would like to use a software
> like 3ds and cannot afford buying it, has
> no other chance than finding it “somewhere
> else”

You have the choice of using cheaper software to get the job done. You don’t (legally) have the choice of ripping off some high-end developer. In fact, people thinking like you might be the reason that there isn’t as much good, cheap software as there could be: http://www.b500.com/~hplus/rants/showrant.php?rant=piracy

As for the student strike at Harvard, it’s college students feeling that radical streak, and protesting that the unskilled and semi-skilled workers on campus aren’t getting paid enough – which actually might be true, from accounts I hear.

I wrote an article about what’s happening at Harvard.

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There’s an old saying: “If you’re not red when you’re young, you lack a heart. If you’re not conservative when you’re old, you lack a brain.”

For me, it’s been quite to the contrary. I was dyed-in-the-wool libertarian from 15 to 25 or so. It’s only lately that I’ve begun to notice that the society which allows me to do interesting things, like write computer graphics programs, and not subsistence things, like plow fields, is built out of rules and a sense of the collective (public) good. Personally, I’m willing to support this public good. To try to argue that everything’s a matter of private negotiation is to argue that the human species is not a social species, and that collaboration is not our best competetive trait.

Also, having been in the real world for a while and actually seen how some well-off people believe lesser-off people are somehow not human put somewhat of a damper on my will to let anyone get away with what they can negotiate. That, and the fact that the theory of free markets requires perfect information and rational decisions, neither of which is actually true.

Uh-oh, I’m feeling another Rant article coming on :slight_smile: Now back to our regularly scheduled request for multiple vertex array ranges for multiple types of memory.

as for finding a free, trial (30-day) version of MAX, good luck! i wrote to them requesting a trial, and received a CD in the mail containg about a dozen AVIs that showcased some final projects built using MAX. that was it…no demo. guess i’ll have to keep saving!