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I know this might sound stoopid, but models created in say 3d studio, are they in anyway usable within Open GL?

Yes: you can either create your own export plug-in for 3DS and then read your format from within your OpenGL program. Or you can use the built-in ASE format which is quite simple to read.

Whatever you choose, you will have to write the routines that actually read and then display the 3D model.



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Is there anywhere I can find more information on this (books, websites etc)?
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a shareware program called 3dexploration can import 3d studion max files you could then export them as another file type that you find easier to use, or that there are plenty of tutorials and libaries freely available that loads it (.obj is a good example). 3dexploration will also let you export it as opengl VC code which I find great- it will make an app for you which all you have to do is compile. You will need to do a search on the web for it.

Thanx Tim. Much appreciated.

You can also save your models in a format that Milkshape can import (forgot which ones). I know that Nehe (nehe.gamedev.net) has a tutorial on how to import Milkshape files. I think it’s the last tutorial, number 32. Milkshape is shareware and can be found here: http://www.swissquake.ch/chumbalum-soft/

Good luck!

Chiron, although milkshake is sharware and I like it a lot it is shareware and not freeware and unforunately after 30 days you can’t save making it useless. On the plus side it is only $20 to buy.

I’m working on a library that loads different files (currently only .obj supported) and I downloaded 3dexporation from www.3dcafe.com (follow free/programs).It is very god and can export to OpenGl cpp source. Try it.

on flipcode.com (great site) goto code of the week>past code>“another 3ds importer”

just one look at the chunking system set me up to create my very own model class! Its great!

3ds_obj landscape; //init
landscape.render; // in drawing loop

-best of luck

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