3D stereo application help.

Hi all,
Recently, I got a chance to test Nvidia 3d stereo, using LCD shutter glases. I had only one game, NFSU to test it. I see 3D images. But the images are ‘inside’ the monitor, unlike nvidia 3d test screen, where nvidia logo comining out of the screen.I want to write a few pogram, where I need to move the images towards the user, like emerging
out of the screen.
Please help me how to do it. I mean any specific viewport settings…

Deek**** M


since your eyes are actually focusing on the computer screen, you need to model your virtual cameras as focusing on some plane in world space. Consequently, any point in world space on the plane will appear to the user to be on the screen, any point further away will appear ‘inside’ the monitor and any point closer will appear as though it’s floating in front of the screen.

A caveat, though: users’ eyes tend to tend to not like things too far in front of the screen, because they try and focus on those points and end up ruining the effect and giving the user eye-strain. Some out-of-screen is ok, but don’t push the friendship. :slight_smile:

further; for true virtual reality programmes (ie. walls, wedges, CAVEs etc) you need to model the frustum to map to the screen in the real world, but that’s a different problem


Do your scene objets emerging out of screen?How do it?Can You tell me?EMAIL:marenan@163.com