3D spheres in windows

Open GL
I am using .NET open GL to try to draw a series of placed solid spheres in 3 dimensions onto a plane. However am having trouble doing this. I am using the standard opengl routines which have been ported over to windows and the glut library. I need to be able to use the routines glutsolidsphere to draw a sphere at a particular place in 3D. I need light to be abl to show that these sphere (I need to draw maybe 400) are in the right place. I just cant find the code to

  1. position the sphere where I need it
  2. put correct lighting effects on it.

Any help with example code would be gratefully recieved.

Since these are very basic things you should consider reading a book about opengl. (Earlier versions of the Redbook are available online. )

The answers to your questions are described in “Chapter 3: Viewing”, section “The Modeling Transformation” (hint: glTranslatef ) and in “Chapter 6: Lighting”.

If you have trouble understanding any of these concepts also look at these very helpful interactive examples!

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