3D Solid Modeling


We are newbies in OpenGL, nevertheless we generated an application that uses a generic mathematical expression to define 3D shapes and combines them. It is a sort of 3D Solid Modeler I guess.

Take a look at http://members.lycos.nl/bbeirinckx2/

My question: where do I proceed from here?


Originally posted by Genicap:
My question: where do I proceed from here?

To what end?

Are you asking how you should display your models using OpenGL? It looks like you already have some way of doing that from the screenshots on your web site.

I don’t mean to appear obtuse but I don’t really understand what you’re asking…

Can you clarify?


We’ve done visualising, boolean needs a bit more work (using BSP-trees) to improve performance, and then we are thinking of some parametrisition scheme, but that is very simple to introduce. This thing is created by 2 people without any knowledge of OpenGL (we bought a few books) in a few weeks.

Looking at the results and the structure, then high-end applications like Pro/Engineer, CATIA and others seem a very long way off from efficient resource usage. I am a former Pro/E-user, so I know what it does and how it does it.

I was thinking creating 3D models, coded in only a few kB’s in stead of tens of MB’s. Would be nice for low end internet communications, I guess.

I am having trouble to understand that we can do such a thing, where others need some kind of Supercomputer (in comparison) to generate accurate models. Where do I go wrong here?

So my question is a bit more commercial: could there be a market for this thing???


Ok - I see what you’re getting at now

From a commercial viewpoint I’m afraid I’m not in a position to comment. I would have thought though that there will always be some kind of market for a genuine high-resolution modeller that is efficient on storage. Maybe for Internet-based gaming for example? Not really my area you understand …

I’m sure you’ll get some more feedback here if anyone can offer advice - even if it’s slightly off-topic as far as OpenGL goes. I wish you the best of luck…