3D rotation position

rotate like below:

x’ = xcos(a) – ysin(a)
y’ = xsin(a) + ycos(a)
z’ = z

y’ = ycos q – zsin q
z’ = ysin q + zcos q
x’ = x

z’ = zcos q – xsin q
x’ = zsin q + xcos q
y’ = y

Now I need x,y,z for openal sound positions. What are the resulting positions as of above? And what if I need one sound in front and one towards the back? I’ve initial sound positions x,y,z and heading for an airplane.
Many thanks

I give up. Anyone could help me? I’ve got camera/listener x,y,z and heading as well as source x,y,z,heading and roll, pitch.
Airplane sounds front and back in OpenAL
Would be great.