3d model loader

I am a relatively new Open GL program (just got into lighting and textures) and am looking for a simple 3d model loader which works somewhat in the following way. 3d_model x;
x = load_3d_model( “spaceship.3ds” );

(and then later in the code)
glTranslate(x,y,z); ///go to where you want to draw model

draw_3d_model( x );

The search utility of this forum would be a good place to start, as well as a google search.

For tutorials on .3ds files, visit the opengl section at:

There are many file formats you could choose from besides .3ds, many of them have tutorials at the site I listed above.

Hope this helps.

See Display3DS .

For Visual C++/MFC environments, it should be of some help.