3D Maze

Hi everyone.

I need some pointers on how to go about creating a 3D maze like the one in the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsdKIvzyTtY

I know how to texture and create planes, but I am not sure how to position the walls such that they are nicely aligned with no artifacts. My maze will be very simple so Im not worried about generating paths and I will move the camera through it so Collision detection is not a problem now.

How should I start and how do they achieve that room affect?

I’m pretty certain that they are just drawing a grid of cubes. Imagine a 2D grid of squares (like graph paper), some of the squares are colored in, and some are not, creating corridors and rooms. Now imagine that again but this time with cubes instead of squares. For the empty spaces they are rendering just the top and bottom of the cube, so it looks like floor and ceiling. Of course they are not storing the vertices of each cube in the grid: it’s the same cube each time, just translated into a different position.

good point, but then how would I make it fit the entire screen so that there none of the screen shows, you are actually in the cube. The screen isnt square