3d image, anyone can give me a hand

i want to draw a 3d image .

i got a array, like, rho[x,y,z], representing a probability of a substance in a space.


i want to visualize the distribution of the substance in 3d

thanks a lot


sounds like a volume rendering problem to me. there has been a lot of recent work (including people using opengl) regarding volume rendering in hardware using texture mapping. I suggest you begin by searching for hardware assisted volume rendering, or hardware accelerated volume rendering.

There are some sepcific papers and examples on the internet, which i will be happy to point u in the direction of, but firstly you should probably get a feel for the subject area and see if it suits what you want to do!


Thank you

I have read some paper in the net. I found the volume rendering is what i want.

Here, I give the details of my question.

In a box, there are three kind of substance. The color on each site is set to the most probability substance.

for exampple, the color=substance1161616+substance216*16+substance3

i use the fortran language. so could you tell me some code or the free software.

thank you!

hi, i dont program in fortran personally. im not sure what you can and cant do with fortran to be honest. To see the basic prinicples, check SGI Advanced Rendering out, (chapter 13) this is sort of specific to openGL. It might be a good idea to decide to do the rendering in C with something like openGL and get the fortran to generate the volume as a texture for later rendering. Odviously im not sure if doing a renderer in fortran is possible so forgive me!.