3D Engine

I have alredy looking for some good tutorials about complete 3d engine environment for games programming. But I did´nt find a good one. Please if someone know a good step-by-step tutorial game engine please tell me, it´s important for me. Because i need to know some steps to create a little 3d engine for general 3d games. Thanks for your times…

TITLE: 3D Game Engine Design
ISBN: 1558605932
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
Publish Date: 09/01/2000
Author: David Eberly
Binding: Paperback , xxviii, 561 pages

Good luck

Thanks!!! I’ll try to buy this book soon!!

You should check idSoftware.com – their engine is open source - you could start from existing code instead of from scratch… (http://www.idsoftware.com/corporate/idtech/index.html)

This is a book you should consider investing in. It describes numerous concepts you will find essential to developing an engine.

One last thing, DON’T WRITE AN ENGINE. It’s the last thing the world needs. Write a game, even a trivial game would be a more valuable project than yet another half baked engine to join the teaming throng of other engines already written. It’s amazing that there are more open source engines out there than games, this is clearly the wrong way around.

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In order to push technology forward 3d-engine development is needed. The engines today all have their limitations and restrictions. Btw what would a game be without a well-written engine? WRITE AN ENGINE!!!

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But… If you’ll try to write a complete game, you should do a game engine, cause I think that some engines don’t offers personal thinks to increase your game, it’s real relative, some engines are to general pourposes, and others are incompletes, but I think that is necessary to write. It’s diffucult to use some done engines.