3D engine demo, lightmaps, csg...

Hey anyone who would like to check out my first engine in progress can get it from: http://astral3d.webjump.com/a3d.zip
or see a screenshot at: http://astral3d.webjump.com/a3d1.jpg

You need DX8 installed and OpenGL 1.1 w\ multitexture card.

My compiler loads .map files from Q3Radiant and does CSG union on the brushes, computes lightmaps and constructs a vertex array. The engine loads this w\ multitexture and vertex arrays, DirectInput, console etc…

I’m looking for some (constructive) feedback on what you guys think !!



I am currently makeing my first proper engine so it is good to see someone elses.

It looks nice, the lighting is very good. I haven’t got round to doing lighting yet (in a couple of weeks I will start). However it seems very slow on my computer (p3 600, TNT2 m64) and runs at abou 20 FPS. I have a similar problem! What kind of culling do you do octree, BSP PVS?

No collision detection! I suggest yo work on that soon because it is probably the hardest thing to do in a simple engine. My collison detection is working quite well now but it took a long time to do.

Nice console.

Well done