3D Display/Plotter

Does any body know of a software or program that is available which can display 3D surface.
i.e I will provide the x,y,z co-ordinates through say some flat file and the program/software should display the 3D surface…something like a plotter


Do you mean to supply an the outline points for a surface, or do you mean to supply a height map of a surface?

And in any case, what do you want to do with it once it is displayed?

I actually want to display the surface.
The x,y,z will be obtained from my simulation program.

So through this display I can understand whether or not i am carrying out my simulations correctly or not.

So as i said earlier I have x,y,z co-ordinates and I want to display the surface.


I can’t think of any. Did you try to code one?

Try searching for “surfer” and “contour” at
google. I recently had the same need…

Unfortunately, it comes at a price, but
a demo can be downloaded.

Are you saving your stuff in a buffer, in a file???

You are talking about the surface of an object like a an entire 3ds model???

Or do you want to simply plot a point in space…

I can help you write one, I just dont know what you need…

I wrote a program to visualize .obj files…
I wrote something to read .raw files…
Both of them are pure coordinates that you are drawing…

They are all treated the same…