3d animation of text

Hi all, I am a new comer to this group and also to opengl.

i need help in regard to be able to show 3d text animation. can anyone provide information where i can get usefuul information regarding this,

thanks and regards


Well, since you said “3D”, I assume you mean 3D fonts. 3D fonts are fairly easy to pull off:

  1. Hand model each character you need to use.
  2. Build a model from each character during run-time.

The 2nd one is probably the best, as it’ll allow you to automatically adjust any property of the text. To go about this, you need to know how to read pixels from an image (or know how to read data from a font file). Go through each pixel in the character, making ab outline of the character with lines (so a bunch of connect-the-dots to make the character). Then you extrude the model and you have a 3D character. Of course there are endless numbers of things you can do to achieve certain desired effects. Take a look at http://nehe.gamedev.net/ for more info.