3d Animation import in opengl vc++


I can import human face object file into opengl, how to give face expression or face movement. how to find vertex point. any example function.


Face movement is a complex topic, with lots of different solutions.
Despite posting in “advanced” forum, you do not sound advanced at all in OpenGL, so I will suggest a beginner solution :
1- use a 3D modeling tool (such as Blender or Maya or whatever you have access to) to deform your current human face
2- save a few “poses” each to its own file, ie. neutral, smiling, blinking, frowning, etc, all created from the neutral position
3- back in your code, load all poses, then for rendering, interpolate vertex positions from one pose to another.
4- try first linear interpolation, then you can try Hermite which has some good properties

Note that only step 3 has OpenGL code. If you need more details, feel free to ask.

This solution does not work well if you need to combine several poses procedurally. For that you will need a bone system, ie. mark some vertices to belong to a specific part of the face. Even better, use weighting so that a vertex can belong to several parts, with different weights, for better blending of skin animation.

Thanks ZbuffeR, i want to import a 3d mesh object into opengl and we need to move the vertices of mesh (eyebrow movement up and down), i can import 3d object into opengl, i tried to move the vertices by finding the vertex values,but i’m not able to get it. is there any way to move the vertices, similar like facial expression.


Do you mean you have problems with step 4 above ?
Please be specific.

Thanks ZbuffeR,

This is my process:

Step 1: I have to convert .ma(maya file face model ) to .obj file.
Step 2: I have to display .obj file (face model) using opengl vc++ 2010
“I have source code to import object file and display using opengl vc++”

step 3: I will do some movement and display vertex point.

" how to import movement object"