2D with OpenGL


i know that this question has been frequently asked here, but i can’t find the old post… so :

I would like to do some 2D effects with OpenGL. I make a quad and give him a texture.
But it would like to change the texture.
Which functions should i use ?
I try with gltexture2d, giving it a buffer, then i changed the buffer every frame… but, nothing happend (and nothing happend even i don’t modify the buffer).
So i tried with glu2dbitmaps but i need to call glu(…) every frame, and it is slow.
Can someone help me ?

Another question: can we directly access to the frame buffer ? in order to make a filtering effects or something like that.

bye, FusiuM / DKS

You have to call glTexture2d each time you update the texture.
And no, you can’t have direct access to the framebuffer in OpenGL.