2D rotatable icons from MS Windows resource

I’m trying to create rotatable icons from a MS Window Icon resource for a 2d ortho projection. This icon should keep the original size (e.g. 32x32 pixels), but being translatable and rotatable. Think about a 2d graphical editor which allows to place different graphical elements on the screen (e.g. a square) which contains some sort of fixed size decorations. The elements are rotatable and translatable and there is a zoom option for this editor. The decoration should follow the rotation, but should always keep the original icon size.

It is no big deal to create it as raster data with a stencil buffer (for the mask) and glDrawPixels. Also putting this to a display list is no big deal. Unfortunately this does not allow to rotate the icon later on.

The next idea was to try to draw it in GL_POINT mode with glVertex, but then applying a scale factor you just have unconnected points.

Has anybody tackled this problem before? I guess it should be a common task, but I’ve already spend a lot of time searching the internet for this without finding a solution.

Use a texture quad instead of messing with drawpixels.