2D graphics in OGL with Glut and VC++6

I’m trying to code an app which uses 2D graphics functions. I’ve coded a couple of 3D apps, but now I only want to use 2D functions. Is there a way to easily draw lines, circles etc. in 2D, in OGL? I’m trying to code a fractal screensave app, and I only need 2D graphics… I’ve started using glDrawPixels, but the whole glRasterPos thing is irritating me. I want to be able to specify a 2D screen coordinate in pixels, eg. 100,100 and raw a dot there. Is this at all possible?

Thanks for for any help,
Malan Joubert


glvertex2d(100, 100);

Did you mean gluOrtho2d? I found some stuff on that but not glOrtho2D?